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Kickbox is the best solution to grow in your organization.

No bla, just do - Turn ideas into startups!

Kickbox puts employees at the center of the entrepreneurial action. Learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur, no theory-bingo & 100% learning-by-doing! Fast-prototype and validate business ideas within 60 days by using the Kickbox framework and learn how to scale it into a startup.

Kickbox for your Organization

The ready-to-use intrapreneurship Solution for Corporates & SME's

How does it work?

Kickbox boosts intrapreneurship and unleashes the full potential and innovation spirit of your organization. Turn your employees into entrepreneurs with this unique project based approach, using lean startup, gamification and venture design methods. Empower talents and make them ready for today's fast-changing digital world.

Some of the organizations using Kickbox as an innovation platform:


"Through the Kickbox programme we establish a spirit for entrepreneurship in our organization and strengthen the innovation culture, according to the motto: ‘try fast, fail fast, learn fast’.​"

David Hengartner Head of Kickbox

"Kickbox is a great intrapreneurship initiative! We empower employees to become entrepreneurs and drive our innovation culture. After a successful pilot phase, we decided to further integrate the Kickbox programme into our organization.”

Daniela Maag Head Corporate Incubation bei Helvetia

"Kickbox helped me to approach my idea from different perspectives and set foot in unexplored fields. This process was exciting, challenging and overall a top experience."

Christoph Müller-Ulmi Kickboxer at Generali

Startup-as-a-Service Marketplace

Selected partner companies, providing innovative services to intrapreneurs

How does it work?

On the Kickbox marketplace you can find services from hand-picked freelancers and startup service providers. These services range from legal advice, marketing and growth hacking, prototyping, design, media production and business development, up to the web/ app development of a minimum viable product.
It has never been easier to get all the skills you need to turn your idea into a startup.

Some of the Service Providers on the Kickbox marketplace:

The Kickbox Process

A proven and ready to use intrapreneurship framework
Validate your Idea
  • Up to CHF 1’000.- budget
  • 20% of working time for 2 months
  • Innovation process and online material
  • Coaching and access to an expert-community
  • Startup-as-a-service marketplace
  • And more...
Sell to customers
  • A minimum of CHF 10’000.- budget
  • 20% of working time for 4 to 6 months
  • Facilitated lean sprints with experts
  • Boost camps in Europe (Berlin, London, Tel Aviv, ...)
  • Access to high-quality service providers (development, marketing, legal,...)
  • Access to coaching and mentoring
  • And much more...
Build your Startup
  • A minimum corporate investment of CHF 100'000.-
  • 100% of working time
  • Company building framework
  • Global startup boost camps (Silicon Valley, Shanghai, …)
  • Access to international acceleration programs
  • Introductions to business angels and VC's
  • And much, much more…